Military member and wife moving into new home

Sound Off: Military Spouses Share Best Deployment Tips

Being married to a member of the military has its ups and downs, and no shortage of sacrifices. We surveyed the wives and husbands of our armed forces members to share their best tips for making the most of deployment.

Here’s what they had to say.


Danielle“Get active whether it’s via volunteer work, employment, church, etc. Through these outlets you will get to meet more people and have things to do while you’re here.”
– Danielle, Hometown: Birmingham, AL


Laura“I always say that staying in contact with your family makes being far away a little easier. Try the local food when you travel and try not to get ‘stuck’ in a routine where you never leave the base. Most important: Be flexible!”
– Laura, Hometown: Nashville, TN


“Always be willing to adapt to your surroundings. Be involved in the community.”
– Shawanda, Hometown: Baltimore, MD


Angela“As a military spouse of 12 years, my advice would be to THRIVE where you are planted. Find something for yourself, whether it be a job, friends or a hobby, and make it your own.”
– Angela, Hometown: San Antonio, TX

“Be supportive, no matter what.”
– Albert, Hometown: Atlanta, GA

“Find good friends and create a life outside of your spouse.”
– Brittany, Hometown: Raleigh, NC

“Be strong, supportive and be proud of your spouse and family. Separations are hard, but only make the family stronger. Hold your head high and wear the military spouse badge proudly.”
– Connie, Hometown: Meridian, ID

“Call ahead before you go to any military appointment to ensure you have all your paperwork. Saves a lot of headaches.”
– Kelly, Hometown: Atlanta, GA

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