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Service Credit Union Offers Free Access to FICO® Scores

In its continuing efforts to enhance member experience and provide innovative banking tools, Service Credit Union is now providing its members free access to their FICO® Scores. This includes key factors affecting their scores and general information on credit scores.

The scores, which will be updated quarterly, are available through Service Credit Union’s secure online banking service and on their monthly statements to members who have $5 in their primary share account and meet other qualifications.

“We’re committed to assisting our members achieve financial success. An informed member is an empowered member,” said Fawn Terwilliger, Chief Lending Officer at Service Credit Union. “Offering members free access to their FICO® Scores is one way we can help them better understand what factors impact their credit score and financial health.”

The FICO® Score is the standard measure of U.S. consumer credit risk, and used in more than 90 percent of consumer lending decisions in the U.S. and in more than 25 countries on 5 continents. More than 10 billion FICO® Scores are purchased in the United States each year by lenders for their risk management decisions.