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Service Credit Union to Offer Assistance for Those Affected by a Government Shutdown

Service Credit Union is committed to helping its members in the event of a government shutdown by covering the December mid-month payroll and offering a 0% loan.

If the shutdown occurs and the Defense Finances and Accounting Services (DFAS) does not pay mid-month payrolls, Service Credit Union will post credits to members based on the November mid-month posting. This will apply to all military, Government Service (GS) civilians, and social security payments. Once the government resumes posting payrolls, Service Credit Union will reverse the special posting that was made.

If some members do not receive the automatic direct deposit posting, Service Credit Union will offer a no-interest 30-day loan for an amount up to their direct deposit amount for those who qualify.

“Ensuring that the men and women who protect our country get their paycheck is the right thing to do,” Service Credit Union President/CEO David Van Rossum said. “We hope there is not a government shutdown, but we will do what we can for our military families especially during this holiday season.”