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Spread a Little Extra Holiday Cheer This Year

Skip your upcoming auto or personal loan payment for a small fee* and free up some cash for gifts, a vacation or anything else you on your wish list.

To apply, simply go to Online Banking. Or, download and fill out this form and bring it to your nearest Service Credit Union branch.

*Applies only to eligible loans. There is a fee of $25.00 for each payment you skip. Your skipped payment will be added to the end of your loan term, and normal interest charges will continue to accumulate and may extend maturity. Fee must be paid by member at time of application (cannot be added to loan balance). Minimum monthly payment must be least $101 to qualify for Skip-A-Payment. Skipping a payment and late payment fees may reduce the amount of a Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) claim. Please refer to your GAP Policy for complete information. If you selected GAP, the coverage will not be extended beyond the original maturity date. All deferrals are subject to Service Credit Union approval. Eligibility requirements associated with this offer must be met, not limited to your loan(s) being current (have no amount past due). Loan terms that are greater than 12 months, which have been open for at least 9 months, and have 6 or more months of good payment history up until the due date being skipped, are eligible for Skip-A-Payment. You may choose to skip one payment on each eligible loan in either 12/2019 or 1/2020. You must pay your prior months payment in order to become eligible for Skip-A-Payment. For example, you must pay your November payment before you can skip your payment in December. Both Borrower and Co-Borrower must agree and sign request. Membership and all loans must be in good standing to qualify for promotion. Other restrictions may apply.