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View current exchange rates on foreign currency

Stay informed on the current exchange rates for foreign currency instruments offered at our Overseas Branch locations and through our International Bill Pay service. Exchange rates are subject to change without notice; they are normally updated as of 4pm CET on regular business days.

Quickly and easily view the accommodation rate and daily changes in rates for the Euro, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, and many more.

Click here for historical rates that pre-date May 2021

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Exchange Rates

Please note that these rates do not apply to the Stateside Foreign Currency Banknote service.

Last updated: 03/01/2024

CurrencyAccomodation Rate (Sale to Members): $1=Change in Accomodation RateReconversion Rate (Bought from Members): $1=Valid From
Euro* (EUR)0.9015Increased 0.947703/02/2024
Bulgarian Lev (BGN)1.7191Increased 03/02/2024
Czech Koruna* (CZK)22.2764Increased 03/02/2024
Danish Krone (DKK)6.5523Increased 03/02/2024
British Pound* (GBP)0.7523Increased 03/02/2024
Polish Zloty* (PLN)3.7962Increased 03/02/2024
Romanian Leu* (RON)4.3691Increased 03/02/2024
Swedish Krona* (SEK)9.8476Increased 03/02/2024
Swiss Franc* (CHF)0.8422Increased 03/02/2024
Norwegian Krone* (NOK)10.0882Increased 03/02/2024
Australian Dollar* (AUD)1.4638Increased 03/02/2024
Canadian Dollar* (CAD)1.2914Increased 03/02/2024
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)7.4388Increased 03/02/2024
Israeli New Shekel (ILS)3.3879Decreased 03/02/2024
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)1.5622Increased 03/02/2024
Singapore Dollar (SGD)1.2797Increased 03/02/2024
South African Rand (ZAR)18.2876Increased 03/02/2024

Exchange rates are not updated on weekends, US Federal Holidays, or on holidays observed by Military Banking Institutes. In those cases, the exchange rates will be in effect until new rates are available. The Euro rate listed is the Official Military Exchange Rate. Please note that these rates do not apply to the Stateside Foreign Currency Banknote service.

* These currencies are available through our online banking International Bill Pay service.

Historical Exchange Rates

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