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Special savings programs for service men and women

Service Credit Union is proud to serve our armed forces, veterans and their families. If you are a member of one of these groups, you may qualify for exclusive savings benefits catered to your specific financial needs. These savings options pay higher dividends than regular accounts.

Primary Savings

Enhance your savings power with a Service Credit Union Primary Savings Account. Enjoy a 5% APY on the first $500 and .25% APY on all funds over $500*. Plus you’ll become a member-owner of Service Credit Union.

Deployed Warrior Savings

If you’re a member who’s currently serving active duty in a combat zone as defined by Service Credit Union, you may qualify for an annual savings rate of 10% APY with a deposit of up to $10,000.**

Contact us to determine if you qualify.

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of the last dividend declaration date of 02/01/24 and subject to change without notice. Dividends paid on daily balances of up to $500; variable APY of 5.00%. If actual daily balance exceeds $500, the remaining balance will receive variable APY of 5%-0.25%. Dividends are calculated based on the daily balance with the sum of the daily earnings credited on the last day of each month. A minimum deposit of $5 is required to open a Primary Savings Account. Must qualify for membership.

**Warriors deployed in combat zones may deposit up to $10,000 into a Service CU Deployed Warrior Savings Account which earns 10% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) up to $10,000.00. $10,000.01 and above earns 0% APY. Rates are variable and subject to change; accurate as of 02/01/24. Service member must be serving in a combat zone as defined by Service CU; orders of deployment to a combat zone must be provided. Direct deposit of net pay is required into members Service CU account. No minimum balance is required to open the Deployed Warrior Savings Account; $5 deposit is required to open a Primary Savings Account. Monthly deposits into a Deployed Warriors Savings Account cannot exceed the amount of your monthly net military pay; however, deposits into the Deployed Warrior Savings Account may be direct deposit, an allotment, or a transfer of funds from a Service CU account. Withdrawals are not permitted from a Deployed Warrior Savings Account. If a withdrawal is made from the Deployed Warrior Savings Account before the redeployment date plus 120 days, the funds in the Deployed Warrior Savings Account will be transferred to the Primary Savings Account, and the Deployed Warrior Savings Account will be flagged as closed. Deployed Warrior Savings Account will stop accruing 10% APY at the end of the month of return date per deployment orders plus 120 days. eCommunications is required.