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Certificates earn more dividends than regular savings

A certificate is like a promise: You promise to set aside a fixed amount of cash (at least $500) for a set period of time, from six months to five years. In return, we give you a higher dividend rate than you could get in a regular savings account. Our rate is guaranteed for the term of the deposit.

Your funds are fully insured by the federal government; your money is safe and sound while the dividends compound every month.

Here’s How It Works

  • Deposit a minimum of $500 with a guaranteed Annual Percentage Yield*.
  • Collect dividends that are compounded and credited monthly.
  • At the end of your certificate’s term, withdraw your money plus the dividends you’ve earned, or roll over your earnings into a new certificate.

Share & IRA Certificate Rates

Please call or visit a branch to open an IRA certificate. US: 800.936.7730 | International: 00800.4728.2000
$500.003 Months0.399%0.40%*Open a 3-month certificate Now
$500.006 Months0.499%0.50%*Open a 6-month certificate Now
$500.009 Months0.598%0.60%*Open a 9-month certificate Now
$500.0012 Months0.995%1.00%*Open a 12-month certificate Now
$500.0015 Months1.193%1.20%*Open a 15-month certificate Now
$500.0018 Months1.391%1.40%*Open a 18-month certificate Now
$500.0024 Months1.490%1.50%*Open a 24-month certificate Now
$500.0036 Months1.736%1.75%*Open a 36-month certificate Now
$500.0048 Months1.785%1.80%*Open a 48-month certificate Now
$500.0060 Months1.884%1.90%*Open a 60-month certificate Now

How Much Will I Earn?

Use our certificate calculator to see how much your deposit would grow over any of our available terms.


*Rate shown is Annual Percentage Yield (APY), accurate as of 05/06/22, and subject to change without notice. Penalty for early withdrawal. The APY is based on the assumption that dividends will remain on deposit until maturity and that a withdrawal or fee will reduce earnings. Certificates are fixed-rate accounts and will remain in effect until maturity. The dividend rate and APY may change on the 1st and 16th of every month, as determined by the Board of Directors.