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Take control of your financial life and achieve your goals!

Reaching your financial goals requires knowledge and skills. Without an understanding of financial topics and terms, it can be challenging to make informed decisions about how best to reach your goals. Service Credit Union helps expand your financial knowledge with courses and programs to keep you informed.

In addition to educational opportunities for adults, we also offer programs for kids and teens. These programs help young people establish a strong financial literacy foundation they can build on as they grow.

Fin-Life – Financial Wellness App

Financial planning shouldn’t be frustrating, confusing or exclusive. We’ll coach you through all 10 themes of financial wellness, from creating to sticking to a budget, to planning for the future. No investor-speak, monthly fees, or in-person meetings needed. Just your phone and 3 minutes a week.

EVERFI Financial Literacy Training

Our EVERFI Achieve program is a digital financial literacy library designed to help you better manage your money. Our interactive financial literacy library consists of 30 training sequences, ranging from 3-6 minutes each. Improve your financial wellness through a variety of topics such as credit cards, building an emergency savings, retirements, homeownership, and more. It is designed for mobile devices or tablets so you can learn anytime, anywhere.

Get started today by taking this brief 4-question survey to determine which training sequences best align with your financial goals or view our entire library of training sequences.

GreenPath Financial Wellness Counseling

We have partnered with a national nonprofit organization, GreenPath Financial Wellness, to give our members access to free financial counseling. The GreenPath certified counselors help people achieve their financial goals from managing debt, to making housing decision, or teaching people how to make informed financial decisions. Speak with a counselor today to get started on your financial wellness journey.

Bite of Reality Fair for Teenagers

In our interactive reality fair events, students choose a career that comes with a salary, family, loans, debt, and medical insurance payments. With the goal of staying within monthly budget, students work with credit union volunteers to make simulated spending decisions on housing, cars, food, clothes, and more. Contact us to learn about the program or to request a Bite of Reality Fair in your school.

Youth Club

Kids can start healthy financial habits early with our award winning Saving Money is Fun Kids Club featuring the Money Mammals. Our friend Joe the Monkey and his band teach kids the difference between needs and wants, and how cool mammals save, share and spend smart too! Kids can enjoy a fully loaded, interactive website with games, videos, and more.

Good Cents Blog

Get the latest tips and news about personal finance delivered directly to you by subscribing to the Service CU blog. Our team of experts publish informative articles on a weekly basis covering a wide range of topics.

Experian Boost

Raise your credit score with the help of Experian Boost.