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About Us

As a dynamic, member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative, Service Credit Union is dedicated to offering quality financial services and products. In 1957, the credit union was established to provide affordable credit to the Pease Air Force Base community. Now the largest credit union in New Hampshire, with over $3.8 billion in assets and 50 branch locations in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, North Dakota and Germany, we continue to serve our communities and provide a better future to our members.

Our Core Beliefs

We take great pride in supporting and helping our members around the world. It’s our core belief that we exist to do what is right for our members and to be a trusted partner.

Our focus is on delivering value for our members and our employees. Our value system and core beliefs reflect just that: kindness, honesty, empathy, generosity and respect for others. When you join Service Credit Union, you’re not an account number or customer. You’re an owner.

What is a Credit Union?

Credit unions were founded over 100 years ago on the philosophy of: “Not for profit, not for charity, but for service.” The philosophy was based on the belief that by pooling resources communities can achieve a better standard of living. Everyone from co-workers to neighbors and those who don’t have access to credit can benefit.

Press Releases

Fast Facts

All information current as of month-end December 2019.
Founded: 1957
Organization type: A not-for-profit financial cooperative
Insurance: Federal (provided through the National Credit Union Administration/NCUA)
Total Membership: 293,800
Employees: Nearly 850
Rankings: Largest in NH 57th largest in the US
Headquarters: Portsmouth, NH


David Araujo

Dan Clarke
Senior Vice President – Member Experience

Geoffry Gilton
Senior Vice President – Technology

Michael Bergeron
Vice President – Logistics

Wendy Beswick
Vice President – Marketing

May Hatem
Vice President – Human Resources/Training

Tyler Pihl
Vice President – Internal Audit

Michael Porter
Vice President – Operations

Philip von Streicher
Vice President – Overseas Operations

Board of Directors

Who Can Join

Service Credit Union membership is open to those living or working in the state of New Hampshire or the Falmouth, MA area (defined as Falmouth, Bourne, Mashpee and Sandwich, MA) and their families. Also eligible are active duty military, veterans and their families, and those who are working (or worked) for the Department of Defense, as well as their families.


Doing what is right for our members by:

  • Improving financial well-being,
  • Supporting communities we serve, and
  • Creating value and enduring relationships.


Utilizing the cooperative principles, we will be a trusted partner providing services and resources that optimize the financial well-being of our members while contributing to the communities in which they live.



We aim to incorporate photos that catch someone in a moment and relate to concept and feeling as opposed to product. That unexpected snapshot in time of improving our community, the moment where a relationship with a member shines or those times where members are proud of their financial well-being.