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Checking accounts make it easy to manage your finances

Your personal checking account is the hub of your financial life. Whether you write checks, use a debit card at the gas station or pay bills online, your checking account is where it all happens. At Service Credit Union, we believe personal checking should be just that—personalized to fit your needs. And with all our checking accounts, you can get paid up to two days early with direct deposit.*

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Everyday Checking

Everyday Checking is our free checking account that offers three levels of benefits: Basic, Direct Deposit and Direct Deposit+. As your relationship with us grows, you’ll gain access to more features and benefits.

Everyday Checking Basic – At this level, you’ll enjoy:

  • Rewards on debit card purchases
  • Ease of online banking with mobile bill pay and remote check deposit**

Everyday Checking with Direct Deposit – Level up by setting up direct deposit of your net pay into your Everyday Checking account every month and enjoy everything included in Basic, plus:

  • Getting paid up to two days early with direct deposit*
  • .50% APR*** loan discounts on auto, personal, motorcycles and more.
  • Up to $15 a month in ATM surcharge and foreign transaction fee rebates****

Everyday Checking Direct Deposit+ – Maximize your benefits by setting up direct deposit of your net pay into your Everyday Checking account each month and make five or more payments or transactions per month to enjoy all the benefits of the previous levels, plus:

  • Getting paid up to two days early with direct deposit*
  • .75% APR*** loan discounts on auto, personal, motorcycles and more.
  • Up to $30 a month in ATM surcharge and foreign transaction fee rebates****
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Dividend Checking

Want to earn more? Open a Dividend Checking Account. It has all the benefits of our Everyday Checking accounts, but you’ll earn 0.15% APY in dividends on the first penny! (Please note, a $1,500 minimum daily balance is required to avoid a fee.)

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*Immediate credit of your direct deposit to your Service CU account up to two (2) business days early is based upon when we receive your payroll from your employer. Service CU cannot assume any liability for not depositing these funds to your account early. Must be a member of Service CU or establish membership with $5 in a Primary Savings Account.

**Must be 18 years old to deposit checks remotely. Members between the ages of 13 and 17 years old must have a parent/legal guardian accept the terms and conditions. Standard funds availability policy and other restrictions apply. Please see terms of use agreement for additional details. Checks deposited in real time are subject to Service Credit Union discretion.

***Loan Discounts do not apply to real estate, lines of credit, business loans, certificate or share secured consumer loans, or VISA loans. Discount will be applied to the APR that a member qualifies for based on creditworthiness and checking account tier. The collateral age and loan term may impact the APR offered. Members must maintain the checking account tier qualifications for the life of the loan in order to keep their loan discount. Discount conditions will be set forth in your loan contract. Floor rate may apply.

****ATM surcharge fees and foreign transaction fees will be rebated up to $15 a month for the Direct Deposit Checking Account tier and up to $30 a month for the Direct Deposit+ Checking Account tier. Excludes Basic Checking Account tier. Rebates will be applied to account on the first business day of the following monthly cycle that the rebate eligibility requirements were met. ATM surcharge fee rebates would apply to fees imposed by non-network ATM owners/operators.

*****Must be a member of Service Credit Union or eligible for membership with at least $5 in a Primary Savings Account. Dividend Checking earns .15% variable Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Rate is accurate as of 02/01/24. There is a monthly maintenance fee of $10.00, if the balance falls below $1,500.00 on any calendar day. The fee is assessed on the last day of the month. Please see our Fee Schedule for a full list of benefits.

±With your authorization, Share Transfer Overdraft Protection (S.T.O.P.) allows us to transfer money from a share account or multiple share accounts to cover any overdrafts in your checking account. Transfers will be made in $100 increments.

±±Under the Everyday Debit Courtesy Pay option, a $19 overdraft fee will be assessed per presentment of one-time debit card and ATM transactions of $15.01 or more. For both our standard Courtesy Pay offering and our Everyday Debit Courtesy Pay option, the following additional terms and conditions apply: You will be charged a fee each time a transaction is presented for payment, even if the same transaction is presented for payment multiple times. Courtesy pay is only permitted on one checking account per membership. The checking account will not become eligible for Courtesy Pay until 30 days after the initial deposit to the checking account. Fiduciary accounts including Trust, Estate and Escrow accounts are not eligible for Courtesy Pay. You have 33 days to pay your negative balance before you will no longer be considered in good standing with Service Credit Union. We reserve the right not to pay an item, at our discretion. For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing or you have previously had an excessive number of overdrafts, also at our discretion. If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined and subject to the returned item/insufficient funds fee listed on our Fee Schedule. Overdraft transfers and fees are activated based on your available balance, which may be less than your actual balance, depending on pending charges, holds and pledges on your account. Courtesy Pay will not cover overdrafts that cause the Checking account to exceed a negative balance of more than $1,250, including any prior fees assessed. All fees subject to change based on our current Fee Schedule. Additional restrictions may apply. See Account Agreement and Disclosure for more information.

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