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Serving as an executor or administrator for an estate can be time-consuming and emotionally overwhelming. Service Credit Union will be by your side to help you navigate these challenges.

An estate account is used by the executor or administrator of an estate, and the account is designed to hold a deceased member’s estate funds in order to facilitate the payment of taxes, debts and other obligations. This account may consist of a savings and checking account, as well as other features to help you manage the funds including online banking and a debit card. Legal documents are required to open this type of account.


You are eligible to open an Estate account if you are the qualified administrator for a deceased Service Credit Union member who resided within the United States on date of death.

More Information

Please call us or refer to our Fiduciary Account Application* for more details. Note: We suggest you consult with a qualified attorney, financial advisor, or probate court official for any specific questions or concerns related to your responsibilities as an estate administrator.

To get started, please click here for the form to fill in and mail it to us at Inheritor Services, Service Credit Union, P.O. Box 1268, Portsmouth, N.H. 03802-1268