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A Medallion Signature Guarantee is a guarantee by Service Credit Union that the signature is genuine. A Medallion Signature Guarantee can protect shareholders by preventing unauthorized transfers and possible investor losses. You may need a Medallion Signature Guarantee if you’re selling, redeeming or transferring your securities such as stock or mutual funds.

Medallion Signature Guarantee services can be found at all overseas branches and the following stateside traditional branches: Berlin, Lebanon, Keene, Franklin, Nashua, Bedford, Salem, Rochester, Somersworth, Hampton and Pease.

Please call 800.936.7730 or 00800.4728.2000 to schedule an in-branch appointment near you.

Medallion Signature Guarantee Requirements

  • Each person requiring their signature to be guaranteed must be a member of Service Credit Union.
  • There must be an ongoing (established member in good standing) relationship between the Member and the credit union in order to perform a signature guarantee.
  • Account must be in good standing.
  • 2 forms of ID
    • Service Credit Union account can count as one form of ID
    • Valid (non-expired) government issued ID
  • Proof of securities ownership (All owners should be present)
    • Statement
    • Actual stock certificate
  • Proof of Value
    • Service Credit Union is limited to guarantee signatures for $1,000,000 or less per transaction
  • Verification of legal right to sign (Original or Certified copy)
    • Death Certificate with court issued Executor appointment
    • Trust Agreements
    • Corporate Resolution
    • Power of Attorney
    • Additional documentation may be required
    • Guardianship over Estate with court appointment