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At Service Credit Union, we strive to provide the highest level of security for our members. Learn what we’re doing to protect your information and data, and be your partners in security.

Available Security Services

Card Management and Account Alerts

One of the services we offer in online banking is My Cards. To access this setting in our mobile app, tap “More” then “My Cards”, or in online banking on our website, click “Financial Tools” then “My Cards.” This will allow you to view your debit and credit cards in one location and turn them on or off. The member portal will also allow you to manage Account Alerts as detailed below.

Members who want to keep track of their account activity can set up account alerts in our online banking portal. Account alerts can be set in a few simple steps. These can be set for specified transaction types (withdrawals, deposits, transfers) and specified accounts (checking, savings). These messages can also be set to go to your email or your phone via text message. Additionally, alerts can be configured to notify you if one of your accounts has been accessed outside of the country.

Account Alerts can be invaluable in helping you stave off unauthorized transactions. By knowing when unusual activity is happening in one of your accounts, you can catch it early and manage any potential harm.

Voice Authentication

Service Credit Union offers a variety of ways to keep your identity safe when interacting with us, including voice authentication. Voice authentication helps make phone banking faster and more secure.  To take advantage of this service, simply call us at 800-936-7730 (U.S.) or 00800-4728-2000 (International) and opt in by answering a simple voice prompt from our automated phone banking system. Once voice authentication is enabled, you will no longer need to present your phone banking PIN to authenticate your identity. Please note, we do still require that you give your member number when authenticating yourself over the phone. 

General Security

As the online landscape grows and changes, so do the threats present online. Our team has a variety of resources to minimize security threats to member accounts.

One of the ways we keep our members safe is by utilizing web monitoring to detect potential threats to member card data, allowing for proactive interventions.

We also use a mix of threat and vulnerability assessment platforms to keep tabs on the security of our business partners. Collaborating with advanced brand-protection vendors allows us to proactively monitor the internet for spoofed Service CU websites and social media pages. When identified, we make every effort to take these sites down immediately before they can affect our members.

Lastly, secure messaging is of the utmost importance when dealing with sensitive financial information. As such, we utilize a secure email platform to ensure that sensitive member emails are sent encrypted, either directly to a member’s personal email, or to a secure email portal. This allows members to send and receive important documentation with Service Credit Union in a safe manner.