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The Support Behind the Forces
Are the Spouses

Join Service CU in recognizing those who are serving from home. 

Military spouses enable the mission by maintaining everything back home, and at Service CU, we acknowledge the selflessness, sacrifice and passion that military spouses demonstrate. Every spouse deserves recognition for being the support behind the forces, and we want to recognize their unmatched commitment to this country and to the military.  

Military spouses are the behind-the-scenes power that keeps the everyday in order, so that their soldier can complete their orders every day. 

Nominate Your Military Spouse of the Month

Announcing our August
Military Spouse of the Month!

Rochelle Mills

“Rochelle Mills, to website. Rochelle has chosen to make her donation to the VFW Foundation.

says Rochelle “Being a military spouse has been a terrific experience. I have had the pleasure of working with so many families working with EFMP in several branches and have met some of the most wonderful spouses. The friendships are a lifetime.”

Ruth O’Neil

“To me being a military spouse means embracing a life of adaptability and adventure. It’s about navigating the ever-changing terrain of challenges and victories, and finding strength in the camaraderie of fellow spouses. From creating a sense of home wherever duty calls to celebrating the small wins along the way, being a military spouse is a journey defined by resilience and resourcefulness. I am honored and blessed to be a military spouse and support my husband and the country I love in this capacity!”

Military Spouse of the Month - July Winner, Ruth O'Neil

Check Out Just a Few of Our Amazing Nominees!

If you know a spouse who deserves recognition, or would like to nominate yourself, tell us about them using the above form!

Monthly Drawing*

On the last business day of every month from May 2023-April 2024, one winner will be chosen every month and will receive $500 into their Service CU account. Each winner will also choose one registered 501c3 nonprofit to also receive a $500 donation on their behalf, made by the credit union. Nominees can only win Military Spouse of the Month once, but a new nomination does not need to be submitted every month. Out of the 12 monthly winners, one will be selected in May 2024 as the Military Spouse of the Year. The Military Spouse of The Year will receive a $2,500 prize, with an additional $2,500 going directly to a registered 501c3 nonprofit of their choosing.  

Military Resources and Happenings:

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