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Service Credit Union Launches Loan to Offer iBOT® Mobility Device to Members

iBot Fishing

Service Credit Union has partnered with Mobius Mobility to make its iBOT® Personal Mobility Device (PMD), a revolutionary mobility product, more accessible to thousands of prospective users.

Developed by inventor Dean Kamen and manufactured by Mobius Mobility in Manchester, NH, the iBOT® is a breakthrough product for people with disabilities. The robotic, multi-modal iBOT® is customized to each user, and includes features such as four-wheel drive to traverse sand, snow, mud and other terrain. The iBOT® gives the user the ability to climb curbs and stairs, and rise up to interact with the world at eye level.

For many years, Service Credit Union has worked with veteran-focused nonprofits that provide grants for iBOT®s, but the organization wanted to make iBOT®s available to a wider swath of the population. That’s why Service CU teamed with Mobius to support potential users in making the purchase of the device more attainable.

“The iBOT® is a life-changing device and we are thrilled to partner with Mobius Mobility to make this technology accessible to a wide group of people. There is no reason that someone whose life would be improved by the iBOT® should be limited from receiving one due to financial reasons, and we look forward to making the dream of having an iBOT® a reality for many,” said Mark O’Dell, VP-Lending at Service Credit Union.  

The iBOT® loan is available to anyone who is prescription eligible as determined by their doctor. Service Credit Union and Mobius Mobility will continue to partner with nonprofits to obtain grants for anyone who needs additional financial assistance outside of the iBOT® loan. Applicants should consult with Mobius prior to applying for a loan in order obtain a custom quote based on their personal and financial needs.

Anyone interested in a loan may apply for one on Service Credit Union’s website, by phone or by chat. Learn more.