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Discover the Service CU Difference

At Service CU, our members are actually part owners. This means, what’s important to you is important to us. Whether it’s saving for the future or bettering your financial health, we all have the potential to own more of our decisions, our actions and ultimately our future.

Being an owner can also help you save year after year. Thanks to our low rates, ATM and ISA fee reimbursements, members with an auto loan and Service CU checking save an average of more than $236 per year vs those using a traditional banking institution.*

*Members of Service CU who fall into the Direct Deposit+ tier of our Everyday Checking account, on average save $236.49 a year based on ATM Surcharge reimbursement, ISA fee reimbursements and having auto loan that is $24,580.73 for 65 months at a discounted rate of 3.38% APR.