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Security Risks of Social Media

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While almost every internet user is on some sort of social network these days, these networks don’t come without their security risks. From identity theft to data leaks, social media hackers can get into your account and use your personal information for their own gain and benefit.

In order to stay secure on social media, keep the below tips in mind.


You are legally liable for anything you post on social media sites. Therefore, proceed with caution.

Don’t share personal information

Identity theft is a very common risk associated with social media, as people often post confidential information about themselves such as their full name, birth date, address, etc. which can be used to gain access to even more sensitive information such as bank records and accounts. Do not share any sensitive personal information, especially if your account is not set to private. Any personal information you do share can be used against you or your friends, employer, etc. Once you’ve posted something on a social media site, it is no longer private.

Fake Requests

Watch out for friend requests from users who create fake accounts to obtain others’ personal information. If you do not recognize a person and have no shared connections, do not accept the request.

Avoid Sharing Location

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat all allow users to share their current locations with their photographs. If your posts are set to public, social media criminals may use this information to receive information about you.

Keep a Secure Password

Use a challenging password that’s not easy to guess, and change it often.

As with any online site, it is important to stay alert and stay smart in order to stay secure while on social media.