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Getting Paid Up to Two Days Early

At Service Credit Union, military members with direct deposit get paid up to two days early. People often ask œWhats the big deal?  When I hear that, I immediately know that they have never shopped at the commissary on payday. While the commissary experience can differ from base to base, my memories of shopping on payday went like this: On payday, military members and their families make shopping look like an iron-man competition, where every member of the family is on the team. It is like there is some sort of edict that says leave no-one behind.

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Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life: Take inventory of your skills and keep a sense of humor

When my husband came home one day in April and told me he was retiring from military service in July, I panicked. I had a small business and he had no prospective job lined up. We were thrilled to be able to move back to our home state of New Hampshire, but we had a family to support.We needed at least one of us to have a full-time income and insurance. I immediately started applying for jobs over the internet and found one relatively quickly. I moved to New Hampshire to start my new job, while my husband stayed behind to sell our house and let the kids finish out the school year. In July, he drove three kids, a golden retriever and the family cat over 1,000 miles to join me.

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Simple but Effective Ways to Help Prevent Identity Theft

There was a time when your social security number was also your license number, college ID number and bank account number. Those days are gone and rightfully so. Securing your social security number is one of the top ways to protect yourself from identity theft. You should never put your Social Security card in your wallet or write it on your checks. It should only be given out when absolutely necessary.

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